Confronting challenges facing British Muslims today

Abdul Haqq Baker is a British Muslim convert and former chairman of Brixton Mosque, south London. He is also founder and director of the award winning youth initiative STREET UK and author of, Extremists in Our Midst: Confronting Terror.
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“Urban Street Perspectives: Everyone has an opinion but very few have USPs”

This website provides a platform to discuss various issues relating to identity and society as a whole. In view of the increasing challenges facing us societally, grassroots voices are increasingly required to participate in discussions around who we are and what we stand for. Whether it is religious or far right extremism, further polarisation of communities based on these types of ideology threaten to take us backward as a society. For this reason, the website seeks to distill the most useful and positive narratives to counter the predominantly destructive discourse regarding Muslim values and identity.

Chauvin[ist]: Pig

Apr 04 2021

0 Abdul Haqq

Trump’s Insurrection, Erection & Attempted Resurrection: A Flaccid Presidency

Jan 17 2021

0 Abdul Haqq

Tiers of a Clown: How a Joker replaced the Ace as trump card

Nov 28 2020

0 Abdul Haqq

Black [In]visibility & the Muslim Voice

Oct 08 2020

0 Abdul Haqq

Statue Reverence or Idol Worship? We’ve been idle for too long!

Jun 12 2020

0 Abdul Haqq

Incendiary Rage & the Remnants of Self-Destruction

May 30 2020

0 Abdul Haqq

The kneed for Justice: When taking a knee is an abuse of privilege

May 28 2020

0 Abdul Haqq

The Black Death: Society’s Scourge

May 10 2020

0 Abdul Haqq

Covert19: Weaving a wwweb. of Lies & Misinformation?

Apr 07 2020

0 Abdul Haqq
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